How to get rid of unhealthy beliefs and become strong

ave you ever looked at your friends and think why do they have all the luck and happiness in life while you suffer all the time? Often we tend to direct all our energy in hating others for their success rather than thinking of improving ourselves or even being happy with what all we have. You might not know about it but this way of thinking is eating away at your mental strength said Ami Morin , psychotherapist, in a TedTalk held at Ocala, Florida.

3 K inds of Destructive beliefs:

T here are 3 kinds of destructive beliefs that rob us off our mental strength , according to Morin

  • Unhealthy beliefs about ourselves
    Often we tend to feel sorry for our own self. Self pity is fine at times but problems arise when we tend to magnify our misfortunes. This usually keeps us stuck on a problem, restricts us from finding a solution,
  • Unhealthy beliefs about others
    We think that other people can control us, we actually give away our power to them. The fear of them judging us is what keeps us from doing our best.
  • Unhealthy beliefs about the world
    We tend to think that the world owes us something. We think that if we put in enough hard work then we deserve success. Expecting success for our actions always leads to disappointment.

Get rid of those unhealthy beliefs
So now h ow to get rid of those unhealthy beliefs we always carry with us all the time and take a step towards a more peaceful and happy life?
Morin says t he secret is to give up your bad mental habits. "Stop practicing the three unhealthy beliefs you believe all the time. You might experience some uncomfortable emotions which lead us to self-pity," she says.

Some ways of becoming a mentally strong person-

  • You need to practice more gratitude
  • Not hate somebody for their success and instead find ways to improve yourself
  • Stop blaming others for holding you back
  • Stop expecting others to behave the way you want them to behave and stop believing that they can control you
  • Believe that life is not always fair
  • Believe in positivity and do your best to life a happy life.

Note: This blogpost is based on a Ted Talk delivered by Ami Morin. You can access the full talk at-