Controlling food wastage to achieve zero hunger

By Simran Jha

We are at that stage where we have limited resources and the need for them is continuously increasing. Food resources being one of them, and the way we waste food, chances of more people dying hungry in the future has increased. To tackle this, the United Nations included Zero Hunger in its list of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said that some 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year. Almost 815 million people are hungry in the world. “We try to control the food wastage by cooking according to our customers’ demands, It helps to an extent, but the main issue comes with the customers wasting food. We can’t do anything to solve it,” says Ranjan, manager of Shreemaya group of restaurants , Indore.

What does zero hunger mean and how do we achieve it?
The meaning lies in the name, to control food wastage, so that those who are undernourished and hungry can fill their stomach. Achieving zero hunger is not really a big task, if we play our roles seriously. It is a necessity, because extreme hunger and malnutrition is a barrier to a country’s development.

What can I do to contribute?
The good thing is, there are people who have realised this issue and are ready to give their contributions. With more such people, we can achieve the zero-hunger goal by the end of 2030.“This is a serious issue and we need to realise that this can worsen down to the extent of food scarcity. We must do something to solve it, ”says Alpana Rathi, an Environment Studies teacher. Here are few things that we can do to help achieve the zero-hunger goal:

1 Realise our role as an individual. Take food in appropriate amounts. Try finishing the food in our plate and if we can’t, feed it to someone who needs it. Fight food wastage.

2 Make changes in our lifestyle. Support local farmers making sustainable choices, support good nutrition.

3 We can also use our power as a consumer and voter, demanding businesses and governments make the choices and changes that will make Zero Hunger a reality.

Lets join hands to make this world a place where no one is malnourished and no one goes to sleep empty stomach.

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