Gender equality: Need of the hour

By Esha Yadav

The system of a male dominated society in India started long ago in the “ancient period” and has been continuing till date. 5000 years later, women are still viewed inferior to men.

Gender Equality: SDG Goal Number 5
UN with their 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Equality being Goal Number 5, is trying to change that. Within the Gender Equality Goal, there are 9 objectives that the UN is to achieve – ending all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere, eliminating all harmful practices such as child, early and forced marriage, ensuring women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership and many more. “Gender inequality in India has been going on for centuries.

Women blame Patriarchal System for Gender Bias
"Even though measures are being taken to reduce the gender gap, there has not been a serious change, says Priyanka Yadav who is a working woman. She along with many other women feel that the main cause of this issue is the patriarchal system. Patriarchy is a social system in which men have the authority over women. They are given greater privileges and opportunities to which women are not entitled. Poverty and a lack of education are some of the reasons for the status of women in the society. For centuries they have been subject to unjust social practices like:

1 Sati

2 Johor

3 Child Marriage

4 Untouchability

5 Dowry System

Even though these have been discontinued, practices like the Dowry System are still prevalent in the society. The situation of women in India has been grim. They have been denied opportunities for centuries in the name of religion. They have been denied freedom, deprived of an equal status in the society. Women in India have suffered from humiliation, torture and untouchability. The patriarchal system in the society has led to countless rape and wife beating cases. “The mindset of people in India needs to change. Only then will there be any improvement in the scenario of gender inequality, says Sunil Sharma”. A change in mindset will go a long way in changing the society’s culture and norms regarding women.

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