The Desert : Damaging an eco-sensitive zone

For decades, communities living in the Thar Desert have made a living tending to cattle and doing farming. But in recent years, the Thar Desert of Rajasthan is slowly being encroached upon. Rapid urbanisation, loss of already rare grazing land and widespread ecological changes pose as challenges that Thar and its communities deal and understand.
An attempt at understanding the people, environment, lives and the desert itself.
Team members : Dhruv Dhankar; Tejaswini Mittal; Siddhartha Dayani; Vedansh Jain
You can watch the film here:

Students at Times School of Media, Bennett University produced six documentaries as part of the Project Green You, an environment project funded by the German Foreign Ministry under the mentorship of the German filmmakers. Each film received Euros 1500 as production costs. Filmmakers Bence Mate and Felix Kriegshiem of Media Frontline E.V. selected the six documentary ideas from the ten pitches that were made by the students.

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