Impact of snapchat in today's world

Sometimes think about how our lives would have been if Snapchat never existed. They say, the app makes you love yourself more, because you look less ugly in there. Even if you wish to maintain a minimal touch with your long lost friends, I think Snapchat serves that purpose well. This app has brought all of us a little closer. The app indeed encourages us to maintain contacts with everyone.

Snapchat, first named as Picaboo was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown back in September 2011. Their main concept is to delete by default any pictures and videos shared within this application. This app has already made great progress in various spheres, and it never fails to impress us with its new updates.

Snapchat persists to find ways to influence people's experiences. Its purpose is everyday simple; allow for immediate photo and video sharing to update friends about your daily happenings. The introduction of Bitmoji was one amazing add on to the app. Bitmojis are emojis depicting animated images of our own selves, providing much better way to depict our emotions.

It’s easy to locate friends on Snap Maps, which indeed helps them to stalk their friends and crushes efficiently. Groups allow multiple people to easily share content together, virtually creating a living photo album. Lastly, another element which Snapchat has been offering it’s users since the launch of the app is the making of streaks - which count how many consecutive days two people have been sending snaps to each other. This in turn has increased the usage of snapchat amongst its users.

Well every creation has it’s bad side, disadvantages as well. When it comes to an application like Snapchat, there are many. Firstly, the app consumes a lot of battery and data, which indeed is one of the most upsetting things of the app. Sometimes while recording a video, the app gets hanged and crashes, which makes us lose a moment sometimes.

This app can be very addictive to young and even to the old people because of the filters and Stories that are easy to get hooked on. Since the app is designed to self-destruct, it allows users to take advantage and use this inappropriately. Some exploit by taking screenshots of the pictures. The file can be spread even more and can be an issue when it comes to privacy.