How to become a confident public speaker

How do you feel when
out of nowhere you are asked a question in class and feel all the eyes staring at you? Not all people are confident enough to speak right away in front of others and the fear of public speaking is a common problem faced by many people said Danish Dhamani , an engineer, i n a Ted Talk.

P ublic speaking is actually a teachable skill , " You need to jus t believe in yourself that you can and the feel the power to override your fears ," says Danish Dhamani .

So how to improve yourself and overcome your fear of public speaking?

W ays to improve your public speaking skills-

  • Talk in front of the mirror
  • Hire a speech coach
  • Do online courses
  • Attend public speaking clubs
" N ot all the solutions might work for you but at least some would. And when you find that solution hang on to it and believe than even you can speak with power and as confidently as any of your favo rite public speaker s." s ays Danish Dhamani . Hiring a speech coach might not be in everyone's budget but you can practice in front of a mirror at least then you have one friend to whom you could communicate all that you have in your mind without the fear of anybody judging you.

Practice leads to Perfection-

T he only way of improving yourself is practice as much as you can and believe that even you can speak with the same power as others do. Promise yourself that this fear won't pull you down and you won't let go of great opportunities just because of this meek fear ," says Danish Dhamani .

W hat would happen once you overcome this fear?

  • Sound like a leader
  • Do better at school, college or job
  • Able to communicate in a better way
  • Share your ideas
  • Possibly give a Ted Talk
Note: This blogpost is based on a Ted Talk delivered by Danish Dhamani . You can access the full talk at-

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