By Diksha Arora

When i think of red, the first thing that crosses everyone’s mind is the beautiful colour that symbolises love and pain as well, Although love has some of the pain in it itself too. It also symbolises destruction as the red being the colour of blood but blood also represents life, without it we couldn’t survive.

Today i can write about how red is a violent colour and reminds me of the life which were lost either unknowingly in accidents or knowingly in war.

The sacrifices made by them are forever embedded in our hearts but today i want to focus more on life.

Evolving and growing.

Red is a colour of birth, a birth of a new soldier, doctor, artist, a Birth of a new little citizen, all set to fight in this world.

Red is a colour of braveness, to fight for the people you love, for the country you live in and sometimes for absolute strangers.

That reminds me of the heroes we have in our world, red represents them too, the doctors saving people they have never seen in their entire life, and also helping with a new life, a part of the smooth transition in the cycle of life. Not to forget heroes on our borders, again saving lives in a different way. If we look closely, All of the things mentioned above that the colour red represents in most times combined. The braveness of doctors and soldiers, the sacrifices made by even them and the love displayed by them as well. I think red represents alot of things, alot of feelings, all put together sometimes too.

Most people, whenever think of red think about either love or destruction but i think whenever we think of red, we should keep the sacrificed heroes in our hearts and think about the present heroes fighting for the sake of our lives.

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