Why gaming in Bennett University is good news

Gaming is usually seen as an utter waste of time. And therefore, the special skills required for gaming are often overlooked.

But clubs in Bennett University encourage the gaming spirit by holding tournaments on a regular basis thereby giving gaming the recognition it truly deserves.

Why gaming is important

Even though the UN has declared gaming as a 'mental illness' and addiction to gaming beyond a limit is indeed unhealthy, gaming has its benefits, as well. Here are three major benefits:

1) Stress buster: Participating in a gaming tournament gives you an adrenaline rush akin to running a 100-metre race. You are jubilant when you win and the cheering makes it even better. Gaming surely releases any kind of stress that you might be bottling up inside. Casual gaming in general, too, is a great way to release stress.

2) Motivation: Motivation from gaming seems to be a far-fetched idea but hear me out. You can restart each time you lose. Games are a great way to motivate yourself. Games can teach you that you can restart even if you fail. It’s not the end.

3) Creativity: Several games require creative skills to be able to play them, and playing them can help you develop creative skills. A study by Michigan State University has said that gaming can develop your creative skills, violent or non-violent.

Why gaming tournaments are important at college level

Most of you are under your parents' care during your school years and your parents obviously don’t let you play too many games. But once in college, you start playing the games you had always wanted to play. In such a scenario, gaming events in colleges help you hone your their gaming skills.

Besides, you might be thinking of a career path as this is the time to explore options. So, being good at gaming could open up doors for you in the gaming industry. There are several Indian gamers who are big streamers and YouTubers like Carryminati. Someone from your college or for that matter you might become the next big gamer!

Why recognition in gaming isn’t bad

Like IPL, there are several gaming tournaments such as ESL and FACEIT where winners walk away with huge cash prizes. In addition to the money to you make, you become a celebrity on the Internet and this can help you launch your own YouTube channel. The channel becomes your daily source of income. You can stream on streaming sites such as Twitch, where people watch you gaming and they donate money.

Being famous on the Internet is surely a big deal. When people meet you online they shower you with praises and this boosts your confidence manifold.

So gaming can be a great way to earn some fame and earn money, as well.

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