New placement committee board promises the moon

By Nandika Mishra

The recent placement townhall hosted by The Times School of Media (TSOM) was a significant event that brought together students pursuing journalism, films, liberal arts and post-graduate studies. During the townhall, placement committee head Shruti Jain introduced the fresh faces of the placement committee board to the student body. Now, the question arises: Why should you aspire to be a part of the student placement committee board?

Being a part of Placecom thrusts you beyond your comfort zone, compelling you to give it your all, shoulder-to-shoulder with a team that shares the same aspirations and an unwavering focus.

The exposure it offers is like opening a window to a vast landscape. You find yourself engaging not only with fellow students but also with the administration, companies, and even top-tier executives, occasionally including Founders and CEOs. It's like expanding your horizons in real time. Through this journey, you gain insights into what the world holds, the array of opportunities awaiting, and a sneak peek into the realm that college life offers.

The value of staying in the loop with market dynamics, industry shifts, and comparative statistics from other institutions cannot be overstated. This keeps you relevant and attuned to the ever-evolving trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Amidst this, the crucible of teamwork is where profound transformations happen. You discover the true essence of collaboration within a high-stakes environment, where the futures of over 100+ individuals rest in your hands. It's an environment that teaches you not only to navigate diverse personalities and situations but also to unite for a shared purpose. Amidst this, you forge connections with remarkable individuals, evolving into not just colleagues but cherished friends.

Furthermore, the placement committee board offers a front-row seat to witnessing the exciting shifts and trends in various industries. You'll gain access to market insights, industry developments, and emerging opportunities. This exposure ensures you stay ahead of the curve, remaining relevant and well-informed in an ever-changing landscape.

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