BU's Aalekh’24: Authors discuss corporate narratives

BU's Aalekh’24: Authors discuss corporate narratives
Aalekh'24, Authors discussing about corporate narratives
By Aliza Ashraff

Bennett University's annual literary extravaganza, "Aalekh: A Carnival of Books," witnessed an enlightening session on exploring corporate narratives featuring three distinguished authors, Rajnish Tomar, Ujwal Kalra, and Jitendra Girdhar. The event was moderated by Dr. Om Prakash Dwivedi, the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, who facilitated a captivating discussion on the complexity of storytelling within the corporate world.

The session began with each author sharing insights into their literary journeys and how they have incorporated corporate themes into their works. Rajnish Tomar, known for his specialization in HR transformation, emphasized the importance of team building for a better corporate experience.

The HR innovator stated, "I've worked in many HR companies and trained many young entrepreneurs. For me, working in HR and training the budding entrepreneurs as a startup mentor is something I want to continue in my life journey." He highlighted the need for authors to delve deep into the human aspect of corporate life, capturing the emotions and struggles.

Ujwal Kalra, acclaimed for his thought-provoking novel, 'Start-up Compass: How Iconic Entrepreneurs Got It Right', is based on the stories and anecdotes from 15 iconic entrepreneurs of IIM Ahmedabad where they spoke about their success and failure across key stages of the startup life cycle. He emphasized the role of literature in sparking critical reflections on entrepreneur corporate practices. "I've read Mr. Ujwal's books before, his idea of starting a brand is interestingly different," stated Aarohi Suri, a 1st-year Btech student.

Jitendra Girdhar is renowned for his insightful non-fiction, The Epic, a novel that talks about the unexplored terrains of life experiences. It is a journey of unveiling the rigid facts about human mind conditioning, where the concept of cognitive errors and the impact of digital technology are thoroughly scrutinized. Today, he launched his next book, "Invisible to Influential", in BU. This book claims to empower you to build a powerful personal brand that leaves a lasting impact.

Throughout the discussion, Dr. Om Prakash Dwivedi skillfully guided the conversation, encouraging the authors to delve into the topic of startups. The audience, comprising students, faculty, and literary enthusiasts, actively engaged with the panelists, posing thought-provoking questions and participating in a dynamic exchange of ideas.

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