'Generative AI is relevant to all fields of Education'

'Generative AI is relevant to all fields of Education'
Dr Ajit Abraham explains the working of Generative AI at the first of the hybrid seminar series held at Bennett University. Photo by Shreya Singh Chandel
By Shreya Singh Chandel

A hybrid interactive seminar on the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its forthcoming forms was held at Bennett University (BU) on February 1, 2024. Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Ajit Abraham, introduced viewers and attendees to the concept of Generative AI in an engaging lecture.

This session conducted by Dr Abraham was the first one in the series of seminars on Computing and Mathematical Sciences, devised to enhance BU students' learning. It was an open-to-all session as Dr. Abraham believes AI is bound to play a major role in the growth of not just computer sciences, but also law, medicine, media, business, films and the art sector.

Generative AI is an AI tool that produces images, texts, video and audio clips by employing prompts and hints given by users. The day-to-day examples of Generative AI are platforms such as Dall E 2 and Craiyon.
Dr. Abraham talked about the fundamentals of AI and emphasized its benefits. As the discussion continued, the topic of Generative AI was talked upon, and the audience was briefed on the uses of Generative AI in their respective fields.

When it comes to AI, numerous stereotypes revolve around it. ‘AI will create unemployment’ and ‘AI will take over mankind someday’ are popular beliefs that undermine the ethical values that are attached with the use of AI.

“The idea behind AI is to provide aid to mankind. AI was introduced only to enhance the quality of efforts put in to complete a task. Moreover, no matter how advanced AI gets, jobs do require the human touch that no form of technology could ever reciprocate. You can use AI to help out a man with physical labour, but you cannot use AI to transfer a patient from one ward to another,” he said.

Faculty members and students attended the seminar through physical as well as virtual mediums. While some students were seated in the auditorium, others joined in through Zoom, and the rest witnessed the session through a YouTube live.

The student body found the session insightful and worthy of their time as they praised Dr. Abraham’s ideas and gained a chance to polish their knowledge. “I’m working on many research papers for the GAI, and I got to know where I can utilize it more to bolster the quality of my work and knowledge,” Aarti Jain, a PhD Scholar from the School of Computer Science Engineering and Technology, said.

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