Students gear up for Freshers' 2019

Students gear up for Freshers' 2019
Blue Moon 4.0 is back with a bang and students are all geared up for it. The freshers’ as well as the students of Bennett University are awaiting the fourth edition of its Freshers event. The pre-freshers' event started with SIx Shooter which was a gaming event organized to warm up the students.

The event comprised of a number of games which was played amongst 16 teams. Each team comprised of four players who teamed up to play with great enthusiasm. Two teams were placed against one another and a wheel was spun to finalize a game which would be played between the two. The first game was push-ups and the team which did the maximum number of push-ups in one minute would win. The event started with a lot of cheer and excitement from the audience.

The judges of the event were Tanvi Mishra, 3 rd year BAJMC student and Ashutosh Chandra, 2 nd year MBA student.

“The whole lecture hall was filled with cheers of the students which depicted how excited they were for the event. It feels nice to see the first years coming up and putting their heart and soul in such events,’’ said Tanvi Mishra who judged the event.

The second game took us back on our memory lane with stone-paper-scissor. The team which defeated the opponent team with maximum number of victories in the game would win. The third game was quite an interesting one. Both the team were given a big bag of chilies and they had to eat as many as possible in just one minute. Team 12 stunned everyone by eating 20 chilies in one minute.

Games Games all the way

A series of interesting games were played, and teams were scored accordingly. A knockout game was then played to scull out just four teams from the lot. The knockout game had to do with play of words. Two teams were placed in front of one another and they had to converse with one another. It wasn’t as simple as it seems. The game came with a twisted trick. They were given a specific alphabet with which their sentence should begin and a specific alphabet which shouldn’t appear in their sentence. For example- The sentence should begin with alphabet ‘A’ and alphabet ‘S’ shouldn’t appear in their sentences. The participants struggled really hard with words but in the end, we had our four final teams.

Next round was a Pictionary round in which one member from the team drew the movie title given to them on board and another member of the team had to guess. At the end of this round only two teams were left who entered the final round.

The final battle

Final round was titled ‘Escape Room’. The team members were tied together with chains and locked down in a room. The room had five keys out of which only one would open their lock. The final round saw a lot of enthusiasm amongst participants who tried their level best to bag the award of the winner.

Finally, we had our winners, who were- Sabyasachi Sharma, Ojas Sharma, Abhi Kaushik and J Sinha.

The games not only excited the students about the upcoming freshers’ event but also inculcated a feeling of sportsmanship amongst them.

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