Take charge of your body and mind: Sadhguru

Take charge of your body and mind: Sadhguru

The moment arrived on Thursday, February 7, 2019, at Bennett University after a two-week countdown. Ecstatic silence marked the logical conclusion to the Sadhguru fever.

The rapt attention during the interaction said it all. The BU students were excited to seek answers and wisdom from the guru.

The organizers sprang a welcome surprise by having Mohit Chauhan sing live for the audience.

As always, Sadhguru did not fail to entertain and educate his audience, which also included singer and Red FM’s RJ Raunac and Times Group Managing Director and Bennett University Chancellor, Vineet Jain.

Sadhguru, who is known for his witty answers, evoked laughter from the crowd with his replies.

Students also learned lessons on healthy living, technology and intelligence.

External world is within you

To a question, Sadhguru replied with a counter-question: “Can you see me, where am I?” The girl replied, “On the stage.”

Sadhguru explained to her that her eyes had captured his image and sent it to her brain where it has been processed. So everything is within in us,” Sadhguru said.

The Age of Digitization and AI

He said that today the youth spend a lot of time on mobiles.

He said that although digitization has made life easy, humans should not become its slaves.

Talking about his school days, Sadhguru recalled his first encounter with technology when he came across a calculator.

“If a flatbed calculator could solve a mathematical problem quickly then why was I being tortured to study maths,” Sadhguru joked.

Fear of maths became apparent in the audience when there was all-round laughter at the mention of the subject.

He emphasised that humans should work on building memory, not knowledge.

Secrets of Healthy Life

He emphasised that people should have a joyful face to look beautiful.

“A person who maintains a joyful face is a beautiful human being. “He added.

He said that if people were not physical they would suffer health problems.

“If you are not well and keep lying in the bed like a potato and question why others are healthy, you wouldn’t ever be healthy and happy.” Guru said.

He also mentioned that one could turn to yoga and meditation to maintain geometrical balance of body.

He emphasised that an individual has the responsibility to correct errors in body.

“Don’t you have the responsibility to correct what is coming from inside your body?’’ He questioned.

Sabarimala, Faith and Godmen

He said that Sabrimala case is a question of faith and feels that gender equality should not mask it.

He also joked on the difference between himself and jailed gurus like Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Asaram Bapu.

The session ended with Sadhguru clapping and breaking into an impromptu dance.

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