Gender inequality exists in our minds

By Raghavi Jhanjee

Gender Equality is something that has gone on for a long time now. Discussions are held, protests and a lot more. People perceive it differently. Yes, we should talk about it, but then we have to act upon the talk otherwise gender equality will remain as it is now. To get a telescopic view of what the youth thinks about this ever burning topic, the question regarding the same was asked.

Women want to be viewed as ‘Equals’
Gender inequality in the workplace is nothing new. The whole idea of a woman leading a team is yet to sink in, in majority cases. Arpita Ankit, 26 working as an HR in one of the MNC’s has faced such a scenario in her workplace. “So there was a new project coming up and my colleagues were confident that I will lead it, but when the project leader was announced it was of the opposite gender. This was not the first time it happened, it happened with other colleagues of mine as well.” Further elaborating her thoughts, she said that women are appreciated for their work but are not rewarded as their male counterparts are, we are yet to achieve that level of equality. Equal rights are not enough. Inequality exists in our minds, in our biases and prejudices, and that remains to be fixed.

In the name of Feminism
The real goal of feminism has been lost along the lines of varied views, varied voices, protests, campaigns, etc. Talking about the same Raj Agarwal, 19 a student of Delhi University shared his views. “Feminism means equal rights and not what many people are propagating it as. I am a feminist and I truly believe that men and women both have remarkable capabilities and should be valued as equals. Barring the physical differences, there is nothing that both the genders can’t achieve. Feminism is losing meaning and gender equality has become an everyday debate topic. Some things need to be done and it all starts from us.”

Some facts on gender equality:
1 Young men are more likely than young women to obtain stable employment and find formal work, in all 10 countries studied in an ILO report
2 Women with full-time jobs still earn only about 77 percent of their male counterparts' earnings
3 Domestic duties are slowing women's progress
4 #MeToo has left some working women out in the cold

We may have not achieved gender equality but there have been improvements. Though it is slow progress but we are moving forward from gender biases and prejudices. Women are proving themselves in many fields and soon gender equality will not be just another debate topic.

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