Good health and well-being

By Ishaan Arora

The world has gone so far, we are in 2019 still our country is struggling with one major problem which is obesity. India is at the 2nd number when it comes to obesity. With the development in recent times, the rise of obesity is on the top people here in India have a bad lifestyle they have sleep problems and are also into eating junk which causes them health and mental problems. Most of the victims of obesity in India are teens, some of the teens even develop eating disorders and have so much of health problems which people in teenage usually not get like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver and kidney stones, lacking vitamins and minerals

This is still a question as obesity starts in teenage : Whether teenage is a cause of obesity or obesity is the cause of teenage ?

What is obesity?
Obesity what we commonly now is that having a high-fat percentage and person should look fat so we call him obese but it’s not like that. A person who is suffering from obesity is much more than it. He is the victim of major health problems has a bad lifestyle sometimes the situation is even worse when he is on some kind of medication from his teenage only and even develops an eating disorder. According to Arnab Hota, a 19-year-old student who explained how he was a victim of high cholesterol it started as soon as he entered his teenage and doctors advised him to work on his diet and after few years when he saw that his situation is getting worse he started working out. First of all, he worked on his diet and introduced some physical activity and after sometimes he found that he is getting better day by day but still he is not fit. Arnab also admits that he was also the victim of obesity in teenage

How to get rid of obesity?
The best way to get rid of obesity is not medication or any supplements you just have to be disciplined and follow a balanced diet and introduce some amount of physical exercise. In long term, you will be able to make out that you are not the same as earlier you are getting fit and healthy. According to Ranveer Alhabadia India’s biggest fitness influence also said the same thing that best way to kill obesity and craving is to alter them with healthy eating and with some physical form of exercise

What is good health and well-being?

1) Having a good lifestyle with a proper diet and sleep

2) No health problems

3) For good health more then physical fitness, mental fitness is essential. People who are into yoga and meditation live longer without any health issue

4) Saying no to supplements and yes to a healthy diet

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