How this govt school is keeping its students interested

How this govt school is keeping its students interested
Located in a village in Greater Noida, Sadopur School has faced multiple challenges to keep its students interested. Sadopur School also had to ensure that it kept attendance levels up. To help the school as well as the students, an intervention by SRF Foundation and the IndiGo – School Adoption Program paved the way. This intervention brought a few changes to the school which saw student interest levels soar through the roof and attendance in the school also increased drastically.

Here’s how Sadopur Government School is keeping its students interested.

Bringing life to the Library

A very innovative change was introduced to the library in Sadopur School.

All the students of the school are divided into five levels, level one consisting of the weakest students and level five the most intelligent ones. The books in the library are also kept according to the levels. If the label says ‘Level one’, books for level one students are kept, where it says ‘Level two’, books for level two students are kept.

Books for level one consists of pictures, because level one students cannot read. Level two books consist of pictures and one sentence. Level three books have three or four sentences along with pictures, level four books have paragraphs and level five books have stories.

This practice has helped increase the average marks obtained by the students in exams, and the students have started winning prizes in inter-school competitions as well.

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Science lab is one of the most defining features

The Science Lab is one of the best developments so far at the Government Primary and Middle School at Sadopur. With the help of SRF Foundation, the laboratory has been set catering to the needs of the students.

Meenakshi Gupta, who is the science teacher of the school also takes care of the labs and opened up about her love for teaching these kids as they are full of ambitions and dreams.

She said, “We are really happy with the lab. Students are always excited to go to the lab now. The manual and journals provided by the SRF Foundation have been a big help for the students. Some of them even come up to us and suggest experiments of their own,” she said.

When classroom learning takes a back seat

Badminton becomes instant hit

Ever since the SRF Foundation constructed a badminton court in the school yard four months ago, more and more students have started attending the school.

“An increasing number of students are coming to school daily because they want to play badminton,” said Pawan Kumar, the badminton coach at the school.

Over 30 students play badminton on a regular basis, informed Kumar. He added that badminton has resulted in an increased attendance in the mornings as well.

Badminton has emerged as a tempting way to get the students to come to school; and the school has doubled down on it as well. All badminton players now get a packet of biscuit after they are done playing.

The local community in the village has realised the potential of the sport, which has resulted in the parents of various students also getting involved with the school regarding badminton. The school has organised various competitions for the students and motivated everyone to participate in the sport.

Pic 1

1: Girls playing badminton during the recess. Badminton has been a major source of motivation for students to attend school regularly

BALA paintings encourage learning across the board

Using a technique called Building As a Learning Aid (BALA), the SRF Foundation has managed to transform the rather bland walls of the school into an educational front. The walls have been painted with eye-catching colours, and as the name suggests, they are being used as learning aids. Each wall painting has information about different elements of the subject. For example, diagrams of the human eye, plant, and animal cells have been vital for teachers while explaining students about the human body, or things around us.

Bala 2

2: These educational painting, also known as BALA paintings, helps students remember important concepts more efficiently.
Sadopur featured photo
Text by Lakshay Kumar, Kudrat Sandhu, Aditi Giri

Photos by Akriti Saraswat and Akshara Nair

Videos by Reeti Agarwal and Aditi Giri

Podcast by Meghna Pushpam

Multimedia Report by Group 2

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