Is poverty a permanent problem in India

By Mehul Tekchandani

Poverty has been one of the hottest topic of discussion in India. It is a problem that doesn’t cease to exist. A lot of organisations, political parties, ministers, businessmen etc have tried to eradicate it but the problem still persists. Two-thirds of the Indian population lives below poverty line and earns less than two dollars a day, about 800 million people in India are considered poor. The most common problems that exists between the poor is

1 Malnourishment

2 Illiteracy

3 High infant mortality rate

4 Diseases like HIV/ Aids

5 Over population

The most discussed topic
Yes poverty is the most common social issue highlighted in India. The government has made many plans to end it, but its something that been there since decades. “We often talk about poverty, saying things like the government should end poverty, the NGOs should spread awareness and help people in need or the rich should donate more. But the issue is we are not able to rectify the problem, despite all that is being discussed every day on this topic.” Says Shiven Khanna, a Delhi University student. He also feels “poverty can't ever cease to exist due to unmonitored population control.”

Can we really end it?
Ending poverty is a huge challenge for the ones who are in authority. Yes, poverty in India has seen a decline recently but that doesn’t mean its about to meet an end. Adhyayan Kapoor, a product designing student from Pearl academy says, “The people below poverty line are doomed to suffer and are caught in a viscious circle that can't be broken. Whatever the government does or seems to be doing is certainly not enough to end this crisis. Due to pathetic living conditions of these people they suffer from life taking diseases, also many indulge into crimes to fulfil some of their needs.” By improving Education quality and providing the extremely poor with basic needs that one requires like shelter and food some difference can be made but this isn’t the solution, as these people need to be taught the proper way of earning money which is through the different levels of education.

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