Poverty is a disease

By Diganta Debnath

What is Poverty? If you look it up online the basic meaning of poverty reads that it is state of being extremely poor or that it is the scarcity or the lack of certain material possessions. But we all know that its worse and much more messed up that no meaning could actually define it. Poverty is not just an Economic state of an Individual but it is something that kills an individual. In our materialistic world we need money to access the basic necessities of life that I food water and shelter. To earn money you need to need work somewhere. To work there you need the required skills. To learn those skills you need education. To pursue education you need money. So it’s basically a paradox.

Top 5 main reasons for poverty in world
  1. Conflict in state
  2. Lack of mineral reserves in a country
  3. Poor Education
  4. Lack of jobs and unemployment
  5. Lack of infrastructure

Poverty is a disease
POVERTY is not just a situation but a disease and Africa is the worst struck. If we talk about our country India, it is one of the poorest countries of the world. India in 2016 had the most number of people below poverty line but now Nigeria has overtaken India. The number of poor people have reduced in India but the government needs introduce new and effective schemes to help the poor. Satwik Narayana Varma a first year journalism student believes that the workers and labourers in India are getting really low wages in India and that the government should step forward to help them. “Workers and labourers who work really hard under the sun are not getting paid what they deserve. The standard of free education by government is hopeless. Population regulations should be imposed. There should be more free of cost education centres and universities with world-class teaching and free advanced medical centres for poor people. All these factors combined can really turn our nation into a super-power,” said Satwik Varma.

Poverty is disaster for Economy
POVERTY is a disaster for the economy as it lowers GDP, HTI and it increases mortality rate which reduces labour and capital for the economy. Ayush Gupta an Economics student believes that breaking the poverty cycle is really important. “The root of poverty is unemployment. Due to lack of employment people are forced to do miserable jobs with not enough wages. Their need don’t get fulfilled. If government provides employment, education and sanitation then unemployment could be reduced and the poverty cycle can be broken.”

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