Student clubs now biggest learning aid in govt schools

Student clubs now biggest learning aid in govt schools
The library at the local government school in the village of Bhirondi in Greater Noida has been transformed to be used as a great learning aid for the children. Photo by Anukriti Kandpal
Every student loves a break from the monotonous classroom studies and enjoy some fun activities during school hours. These clubs are very common in private schools but now the government schools have also initiated club activities so that they help students to develop skills in a particular field, provide them opportunities to participate in different activities and fine-tune their interactions with teachers and peers.

The Government school like the pre-secondary and primary school in Bhirondi, Chakrasenpur district, Gautam Budh Nagar is working on these clubs to make learning fun and memorable for the students.

Video by Mahima Goyal

The school is one of 15 others which have been transformed to ensure quality education for students with limited resources. The project which is a part of Indigo Reach programme is facilitated by the SRF Foundation. The excitement of the new facilities is evident in the playful voices of the students.

Greater Noida schools changing the face of rural education
Podcast by Manya Kashyap

They have four clubs in the school. These are Discipline club, Cleanliness club, Reading club, and the Sports Club.

The Discipline club keeps a check on the discipline of students and the school resources so that the students do not destroy the school property.

The Cleanliness club mainly focuses on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in and around the school premises. The students are also required to clean the school premises, labs, and their own utensils.

The reading club at the school has been running since the transformation assisted by Indigo Airlines and SRF Foundation. The new library caters to the needs of students on the basis of their reading abilities. The books available have been divided into five Reading Levels starting from simple picture books and advancing to books on science and autobiographies. The library is open to students of both the primary and pre-secondary students. Each class gets the opportunity to visit the library twice a week. Other than the designated days at the library, the books are used during classes if required. “The different reading levels ensure each child is understanding what they are reading. Our aim is to have books for everyone, even those who are just learning to read and write,” said Anamika Yadav, Head of Library. She said that the books are being used as easy learning aids complementing the curriculum books, which gives the students an opportunity to explore and learn new things.
Reading club at the Bhirondi government school, Greater Noida
Photo by Anukriti Kandpal

The students are also enrolled in the Sports club and play cricket, badminton, and chess. The club aims in increasing physical and mental strength.

Children playing badminton at the government school in Bhirondi, Greater Noida
Photo by Anukriti Kandpal

“The purpose of inventing these clubs is to promote co-curricular and sports activities among students. It will allow them to engage in activities beyond the classroom and also make learning fun”, said the head in-charge, Mr. Ashok Sharma.

He also added, "These kids are happy that they are also a part of these clubs now about which they had heard in private schools".

Video by Anurag Kumar

Students willingly come to the school daily to learn new things and equally take part in the school activities.

Multimedia story by Group 3
Text by Taru Medha and Shreya Chakraborty
Videos by Mahima Goyal and Anurag Kumar
Photos by Anukriti Kandpal
Podcast by Manya Kashyap

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