The 3 horrific ways of women exploitation

By Rhythm Dua

Women and girls, everywhere, must have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. But the condition is even worsening. One of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal talks about Gender Equality which includes eliminating all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of women exploitation.

Everyday the social media and newspapers are flooded with cases relating to sexual abuse. India's abuse of women is the biggest human rights violation on Earth. Life of a girl ends after she has been raped. There are only a few who can cope up with the trauma. And the saddest part is many die of that.

The Nirbhaya case had the most impact on India. Also, the act which came into force on April 3, 2013, has stringent punishments to deal with sex crimes against women.
Around 27 per cent married women in India face physical violence, which makes it to one-third.
Throughout the course of time, violence towards women in India has decreased but not finished yet. While talking to lower class worker Oma, she said “I have been a victim of domestic violence since I’ve been married and now my kid is suffering too. He was a well-paid worker, but he stopped working and drinks and beats us. There’s no way I can get out of it.”

On being asked about the complain in police, she said,” I have done it several times. They keep him locked up the whole night, take some money and leave him in the morning. For them it is like another ‘ SLUM CASE’.

Sexual and domestic slavery is worst of the kind. Women are sold for a few bucks and called paros.

There are other ways of women exploitation:

1.Dowry: It is the dark side for the Indian weddings. Is she Lakshmi or just a cash cow? The latest change brought is not justified where they say women are misusing the law. But why is it that women suicide if they are the ones misusing the law.

2.Torture at workplace: Though almost all work institutions provide safety to women at workplace but there are still some places where women exploitation is there either mentally or physically.

3.Eve teasing- There is just a thin line difference between sexual abuse and eve teasing. But men who start this eventually turn out into sexual abusers. Often, they start it as lack of respect towards women. Richa Arora, a homemaker, on being asked about what girls should do if a person in political power does this, she said, “There is nothing we girls can do to avoid it. If we try to respond, the political power and position will play the game and violence will start. Our families will be threatened and that is how women exploitation starts.”

Not even a single day is there when we don’t see a case relating to women exploitation. Though in some spheres it has decreased but somewhere it is increasing at an alarming rate and needs to be controlled in order to protect women’s right on this earth.

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