Why are people struggling with hunger?

By Somya Bhadauria

India is one of those countries which produces enough food to feed its entire population, so it’s hard to imagine that the same country is also home to the largest undernourished population which struggles with hunger every day.

The ‘cause’ of hunger
Among others, Poverty remains to be the main cause of hunger in India. And in addition to this, food wastage is also driving people to hunger, malnutrition and death.

The current scenario
In the recent years, India has noted significant rise in child mortality rate due to malnutrition. In order to reduce this and help those in need, many non- government organisations have started various food drives and campaigns.

One such foundation is Akshaya Patra foundation which runs a mid-day meal program through which they have fed almost 3 billion school going kids so that they can study without feeling hungry and having to worry about their everyday meals. Shruti is a nineteen-year-old who volunteered to feed kids during the milestone celebration. According to her steps like these can help India grow better, “Food is a necessity and one’s right. No one should struggle with hunger and starvation. We need to spread awareness so that people join in and help us eradicate hunger from our country.”

Rashi Verma is a thirty-year-old who works as an accountant. Every day when she goes to work, on the way she sees the same three kids along with their mother sit by the traffic light and beg for food. “Somedays out of pity, I’d hand them money to buy food and somedays I’d offer them my own breakfast,” According to her there is only so much she can do to help them. Just like Rashi, there are many others who don’t like to see these people struggling with hunger and want to help them but the question that comes into their mind is ‘how can I help?’ and here is the answer.

How ‘you’ can help eradicate hunger
  • Don’t waste, instead share.
  • Donate food to those in need.
  • Buy according to your needs, don’t let fruits/ vegetables rot in fridges.

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