Do what you love; money will come: YouTuber Anand

Do what you love; money will come: YouTuber Anand
By Samriddhi Bisht

Bennett University's first-ever TedX event kicked off with a powerful speech by well-known YouTuber and co-host of India’s No 1 comedy podcast Paritosh Anand.
He regaled the attendees with a session of self-introspection. “Everybody has a story. We witness some exceptionally good success stories but that is just a part of the reality”, he said for starters.
Anand involved the audience, saying: "I am here to represent you and your story. I am here to be the face and mouth of your unheard, unspoken and unrevealed story. I am here to acknowledge your story, the pain, the sufferings, the unheard, unspoken, and unrevealed battles that went behind achieving your success story,” he added.
Anand asked the attendees to think about their greatest achievement. Based on the responses, he asked people to recall the hard work they had put in achieving that success.
He also gave a reality check to all those who were hesitating in acknowledging their efforts behind their success story. "Everybody glorifies success, but nobody glorifies the process," he said. The need, he emphasised, was to fall in love with the journey, not the destination. If one needs to achieve something in life, he has to love the process behind achieving that thing, he said.
“Become an engineer because you love studying not because you want money. Become a doctor because you love saving lives, not because you want to have money and respect. Become a content creator because you love creating content, not because you want fame. In short, do what you love because money and respect will ultimately find their way to you,” he said.
Anand also dwelt on the subject of self-doubt. "Self-doubt comes only when either you are growing in life or you are trying to grow in life, he said. His advice? “Never be afraid to embrace self-doubt. Instead, use this self-doubt to your advantage. Introspect and question yourself to discover their inner abilities,” he said.
Sharing his own story, Anand said: "I pulled out of the National Defence Academy on July 22, 2017. My decision came under intense scrutiny. I was called a coward, loser and whatnot. But, to be honest, those words made me who I'm today,” he said. After talking about his battles, he advised the attendees to build a strong shield of self-belief in life. “This will help you move forward even after hundreds of failures,” he said.
Now, he asserted, is the time to own battles. "We all fight our own battles, it all just comes down to owning those battles,” he concluded.

The report has been written by Samriddhi Bisht, a student of BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) at Bennett University.)

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